Sukker is a dating website that is in the personals category. This website invites individuals who are straight in terms of their sexual orientation. It was established in 2004, which means the website is 17 years old. The home page of the site does not have adult images. What’s more, this dating site is standalone. 

Features: how does sukker work?

Psychotherapists have demonstrated that the more couples have a common interest, the longer they stick together. Which is at times referred to as compatibility, and this site leverage on matching algorithm to find out those similarities just like you. Those similarities can be found using different characteristics like psychological makeup, income, sexual interest, education, etc. The dating site provides a psychological assessment to its clients and uses the result for its identical algorithm. 

Because this dating site is concerned with identifying your matches, you’re not in a position to talk to the members that have been suggested to you. provides you with the ability to block chosen members from reaching out to you. This may be most important if you’re getting many responses from people, you have no interest in.

Aside from that, you have the chance to invite or/and enter exclusive chats with other people. comes with a fast messenger service, that offers features that include: the potential of seeing when your potential friends are online, the function of hiding your presence, and setting your status. Besides, you have an opportunity to get real-time updates that enable you to see when your friend is typing. 

Advantages of

-profiles are private

-Able to report spam profiles

-The site is well developed and established

-Live chat utility

-Comes with a mobile app

Disadvantages of

-No proof of identity of verification.

-Doesn’t have an anonymous payment method Costs & payment methods

This dating site doesn’t come with any trial plans. 

The plan available is for premium membership. When you choose this plan, it usually recurs, therefore you need to cancel to stop payments after the first plan expires.

-One-month cost: $32.82

-Three-months cost: $80.15

-Six-months cost: $72.47

You can pay for any of these plans using money orders or credit cards. As of now, doesn’t have a coin plan. coupon codes/discounts

Unluckily, doesn’t have any discounts or coupons available for its members. But in the future, plans might be there to introduce the feature. 

How can you register on comes with a very long registration form that needs you to fill a total of 81 fields. However, you can use a shortcut by registering using your Facebook account. 

Sukker App/Mobile dating site is very responsive and it works best on any laptop, computer, and smartphone. Besides, it provides an IOS app that can be downloaded directly from the app iTunes for iPad and iPhones. What’s more, the site also offers an android app, which can be easily downloaded from the play store. 


If you’re not a member of this site or not a registered person, you won’t see profiles. This ensures your privacy is on the top level. Because there’s no possible way to hide your images on, your members can see you. 

Always, you can send a series of pictures to your profile. But all members will be able to see your photos. Other dating sides can give a panic button that allows the users to instantly redirect them to another website. This feature, however, isn’t available on All information on Sukker goes through an SSL connection hence making it impossible for anybody to see or intercept your messages. 

Fake prevention

Before you can start your account on, you ought to confirm your email first. If you are doubting whether a certain member is fake or not, you can instantly report them for continuous investigation.

Terms of Service

Just like any other dating site, the terms of service of are a bit lengthy.

How to cancel

If you opt to buy premium membership of this, it’s vital to know the duration of canceling. With this site, you can only cancel your membership offline. Cancellation through email or web isn’t accepted. So, cancellation is a bit involving.