Dragon Tiger online is a card game that is certainly no stranger to players at the house anymore. Similar to the games Baccarat, Poker; Dragon Tiger also uses a 52-card deck and has fairly simple rules. Learn how to play dragon tiger W88 link in the article below.   Introduction What is Dragon Tiger?   Dragon Tiger, also known as Dragon & Tiger, is a game using a standard 52 card deck; Usually played with 6 or 8 decks of cards. The main goal of Dragon Tiger is to choose the right Dragon or Tiger door; Whoever gets the highest card is the winner.   Dragon Tiger is native to Asia and attracts a large number of players at casinos operating in this region. As the internet grows, any player can join; Enjoy the game with live dealers in real time.   Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger online at the house To start, the player will bet on the Dragon or Tiger door. The player will then wait for the dealer to hand out the cards on the table, both cards will be turned face up. Different from Baccarat; At Dragon Tiger the player will not take any […] read more