Beautiful designed copper tiles for kitchen decoration and  copper utility items are perfect decoration of traditional house and also a part of decoration in modern house. Copper always works well in many applications because of interesting  appearance, colour and because of its practicality. Items made of copper are impervious to weather and not requires any maintenance if you can accept that time will add to every copper items a kind of patina. Copper without human action, it develops a lovely brown to green colour and protective patina. Copper coated with polyurethane retains shiny copper colour forever. Before you decide to order copper decoration you have choice what to order, copper with patina, or shiny forever copper.   Copper tiles for home decor Tiles made of copper can vary widely. They can be bright and shiny or with a patina. Copper tiles for backsplash can be patterned or plain. All choices are readily available and can buy them with affordable prices. Copper tiles for kitchen are an excellent choice because of their anti-microbial appliance. A copper backsplash is the most popular product of copper tiles, but copper counter tops are gaining in appeal as well. Tiles  are available in various thicknesses […] read more