Newspaper Advertising

An expensive form of promoting your business and results can vary but if you’ve got the budget to advertise in a newspaper consistently it can work. Make sure that the newspapers readers are your target market though. A newspaper ad that isn’t seen by potential customers will be no good whatsoever and will be money wasted.

One type of newspaper advert that may work better is one placed in a special ‘bridal spread’. At certain times of the year a newspaper may run a 2 or more page spread or even a pull-out section specifically focused at brides and wedding. This would be a possible time to promote a bridal makeup service.

Magazine Advertising

Similar to newspaper advertising magazine advertising is an expensive form of advertising. However, if you plan to run a premium makeup artistry business and your ideal client reads a certain type of magazine then it might be a good place to promote your business. For example there are a lot of bridal magazines which may be a good place to promote a premium bridal makeup service.

Bridal Fairs

Another way to promote your makeup artistry business to brides and their wedding parties is at bridal fairs. Prices for a stand vary widely and you can have mixed results. If the weather is bad and there are a lot of bridal fairs advertised in your local area then from my experience the results are poor.

However, if you do the research and find a bridal fair that has a good turnout of your potential customers it may be a worthwhile investment. Ask other traders if the bridal fair is helpful to their business. One or two well attended and well known bridal fairs a year, despite the cost of having a stand there, may well provide enough clients for the year. This may be a better investment than attending a lot of lower priced smaller bridal fairs.

When considering the investment required, potentially running into the hundreds, look at the possible return to your business. In other words can you earn enough from each client who meets you at the bridal fair to do the job and make a profit?

Local Directories

If your customers are primarily based in your local area then a local directory will give your business exposure. It is said that people have to see your business logo or something to do with your company 7 times to make an impression on them! There are so many advertising messages out there today that you have to be seen everywhere to get known.

When advertising in a local directory or even a newspaper of magazine (as outlined above) include a call to action. An ad that doesn’t ask readers to do anything will not succeed nearly as well as one that gets the readers to actually take action. Provide a telephone number for people to call in exchange for something of value. It can lead to an answering message set up for the purpose of getting people’s details.

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