Dragon Tiger online is a card game that is certainly no stranger to players at the house anymore. Similar to the games Baccarat, Poker; Dragon Tiger also uses a 52-card deck and has fairly simple rules. Learn how to play dragon tiger W88 link in the article below.


Introduction What is Dragon Tiger?


Dragon Tiger, also known as Dragon & Tiger, is a game using a standard 52 card deck; Usually played with 6 or 8 decks of cards. The main goal of Dragon Tiger is to choose the right Dragon or Tiger door; Whoever gets the highest card is the winner.


Dragon Tiger is native to Asia and attracts a large number of players at casinos operating in this region. As the internet grows, any player can join; Enjoy the game with live dealers in real time.


Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger online at the house

To start, the player will bet on the Dragon or Tiger door. The player will then wait for the dealer to hand out the cards on the table, both cards will be turned face up. Different from Baccarat; At Dragon Tiger the player will not take any further actions in the game. The higher card wins.


However, there are 2 rules to use in this game that you need to keep in mind. All Aces are low cards and if both positions receive the same card values the result will be a tie; and the dealer will take away half of your bet.


Overall this Dragon Tiger game is quite simple and easy to play; It doesn’t have many rules and requires any complicated skills.


How to calculate the card score in the game Dragon Tiger is as follows:

Cards from 2 to 10 will have corresponding points

Card A is counted as 1 point

Cards J, Q, and K correspond to 11,12,13 points.


Player actions

Usually players will be limited to actions when playing games with live dealers; and they can only place bets on Dragon or Tiger. The hand with the highest card wins, the bettor on the winning hand will be paid the corresponding winnings. In addition, the payout ratio for the tie door is quite high; the odds are 1 to 8. However, the house will hold a high advantage of up to 32.7% at this tie door because the probability for the two sides to tie is very small.


Big Bets and Small Bets


Besides, players can also bet big and small bets in this game. Here the player can place a Dragon or Tiger with a bet greater than 7 or a bet less than 7. This bet will lose if one of the two doors has a value of 7.


Players will also be able to bet on all suits of the card. The payout for the bet is 1 to 3 if you guess the suit of the card correctly and vice versa.

Instructions on how to play dragon tiger online very easily at the house


Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger at the W88 dealer


Step 1: Visit the w88 website and then log in to the player’s account. If you do not have an account, you need to register for W88 first.

Step 2: Choose Dragon Tiger game at Club W . casino

Step 3: Place your bet and start playing.

Experience playing Dragon Tiger to win the house

Although I know Dragon Tiger online is a simple game; little need to use tactics; But you can still increase your chances of winning playing this game with some basic tips.


Choose only Dragon or Tiger, do not choose a tie


For Dragon or Tiger doors; The house advantage is only 3.73%, so the probability of winning for you will be higher. Although the payout percentage is lower, your chances of winning will be higher.


In addition, many of you see a high reward rate at the tie door, so you have the mentality to put in this door to eat a lot. But in fact, the win rate when choosing a tie door is very low. At the same time, the house has an advantage in the tie up to 32.77%.


Count cards when playing Dragon Tiger live


When playing Dragon Tiger Tiger live, only a small number of cards are dealt, so it will make it easier for you to count and keep track of the previous cards. Most importantly, you can see how many 7s are dealt because no matter what bet you make, a 7 is dealt you will lose your bet.


Just now are the most detailed and simple instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger online. You can apply the tips to play Dragon Tiger that W88 shares to make a lot of profit for you. Good luck!