Anyone who wants for security camera systems to be installed at their homes or businesses have a wide range of options when choosing the best camera system for installation. Most security cameras are CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) type cameras that transmit video via an analog video coaxial cable. They typically have a digital image sensor . wholesale security cameras They convert the video into the analog signal, which they transmit via an coaxial RG59 video cable. Then, it plugs into an Standalone computer-based DVR that has BNC-style connectors. DVRs and PC-Based DVRs will transform footage from analog into an electronic signal for storage on an external hard drive. In the past couple of years, a different design in security cameras have gained popularity for a variety of installations. The newer design IP security cameras are a revolution that has altered the way that a lot of people view the way cameras for security are designed and put in place. Security cameras with IP technology have an image sensor digitally like older CCTV cameras, but instead of immediately converting the video to an analog signal prior to transfer to DVR the new IP cameras compress video using the embedded processing chips . They then transmit the cameras via an ordinary network cable back to a computer using the NVR (Network Video Recorder) software. A lot of business and home owners are confused by the conflicting reports about the different types of camera and it is difficult to select a solution which is appropriate for the specific situation.

Each kind of system comes with advantages that shouldn’t be overlooked when choosing the best system for your requirements. cctv camera  The traditional CCTV camera is cheaper than the majority other IP camera models available on the market and are totally interchangeable. Nearly every traditional CCTV camera sends video in the same format which means that cameras that are part of one system, or even an earlier VCR that is based on a DVR, can be connected to a modern DVR. Contrary to many myths, the majority of modern CCTV DVRs also allow access via the internet, some even through PDA mobile phones. If they are properly planned the system will provide excellent image quality and the ability to monitor the activities of your business or home online with little impact on your budget. The latest technology IP cameras feature advanced technology that will often provide superior high-quality video recordings (sometimes greater that HDTV resolutions). These systems let business and home owners to enjoy stunning perspectives for the safety of their businesses with less cameras in many instances. They require only one network cable to connect to each camera, decreasing the complexity and cost of cabling in many instances however IP cameras in general typically do not come at a lower price, since the cameras tend to be more expensive. Some of these systems offer higher resolution high-resolution IP cameras that offer four to 22 times the resolution of the traditional security camera. These NVR systems typically allow remote viewing over the internet, so that your IP cameras are able to be viewed from any location. wireless security cameras   Since the IP cameras in NVR systems are just beginning to emerge within the market Each camera communicates in a different way which means that the NVR system you choose is required to be programmed to work with each make, brand as well as model model for the IP camera. Otherwise, it will not work in conjunction with the NVR. This limitation could make it difficult to extend IP camera systems unless new cameras are compatible with the list of cameras that are supported by the.

Many business and home owners are convinced that they must purchase the IP camera systems to be able to monitor their cameras on the internet, but both kinds of cameras are remote-viewable. Others might prefer lower budget systems however, they don’t wish to restrict their ability to extend their system in order to add IP security cameras. This is the reason that many PC-based DVR systems, such as Alnet Systems. electrical store Alnet Systems PC based systems are able to operate in a hybrid NVR/DVR configuration. They offer a compromise between cost and expansion. Users can make a system using a combination of traditional CCTV cameras as well as Security cameras using IP. The Hybrid systems typically comprise of a PC that has PCI or PCIe DVR card that is installed to supply inputs to the numerous traditional CCTV cameras, as well as the license to add IP security cameras. In this kind setup, every one the cameras are able to be viewed on the computer screen and recorded onto the drive. These IP and analog CCTV cameras can also be remotely viewed together on the internet using a PC, Laptop, BlackBerry, Android PDA phones, iPhone, iPad and numerous other mobile phones too.

With hybrid-capable security camera DVRs like the Alnet Systems DVR cards, both business and home owners can start using analog security cameras on their own and then add licenses later on for additional IP cameras, or cards to accommodate more typical CCTV cameras. The capability to grow the system slowly and to use older and newer technology make hybrid systems a fantastic option to meet needs for budget and provide the desired features and image quality. When you are building your security cameras for the future, think about selecting a system that can let you use lower cost and high-definition IP cameras to work together.