Food Flavour Manufacturers House of Flavours core business is to provide its’ customers with the flavours they need, whether they be normal “run of the mill” food flavourings like lemon, lime, strawberry or more exotic ones like “Gojiberry” or “earth worm”. As you would expect, Flavour is an extremely important component of food quality and plays a major role in shaping choice, which makes the selection of your suppliers especially important. It is said that the creation and developing of flavours has always been something of an art and House of Flavours, with our unique understanding of the marketplace together with our systematic and structured approach to flavour creation, provides the very best service whether your requires are for natural, nature identical, suitable for Organic or indeed artificial flavourings.

So, what exactly are they, and why are they used? Food flavourings are used to give flavour to foodstuffs that have no inherent “flavour” of their own, like flavoured water or sugar and gum based confectionary for example. They’re used to boost or enhance the naturally occurring flavour of a foodstuff when that flavour is weak or delicate, or when the natural flavour of a food is lost or changed during processing. They’re used to mask unwelcome “off” flavours coming from ingredients in a foodstuff, or formed during processing. Food flavourings take many physical forms, each one offering their own advantages in specific applications. Water soluble liquid flavours, Oil soluble liquid flavours, Emulsions, spray dried powder flavours, fat encapsulated powder flavours, dry blends, liquids plated onto powders. They can also be formulated to conform to differing legislative requirements: Natural extracts/ 100% FTNF, 90%+ FTNF, Natural, Nature Identical, Artificial. Typically flavours consist of natural extracts and essential oils and natural or nature identical aroma chemicals on a solvent or carrier system. Dosages for flavourings vary dependent on type of flavouring and its application, but typically fall in the range 0.05 to 0.50% Flavourings are cost effective, micro-biologically safe, easy to handle and offer many advantages over more “conventional” ingredients. If you’re unsure how flavourings can benefit your business, or would like some advice on the most appropriate flavouring for your application, contact HoF, for all your flavouring needs.

Food Flavourings Where it is viable it is always of course best to use “natural” ingredients to flavour food, however it is not always possible to use these natural food flavourings, either because of the cost implications, for practical reasons or because such ingredients would just not last long enough. Hence the need for nature identical and artificial flavourings in the market place.

Natural or NI Flavours for Cheeses etc At the House of Flavours we can produce flavours for just about any food that you need flavouring in the most cost effective and healthy way, our Research and Development section being able to create the flavouring you require. Then once we have found that “flavour” our production teams will produce it in the quantities you need at the price that will enable you to take your product to the market.

Artificial Flavours and Side Effects The use of food additives today is another area that is the subject of much debate, some saying that they are alright, others doubting this. However the use of artificial flavourings in cosmetics, preservatives and processing aids (there are over 4,000 different additives, of which over 3,000 are used purely as cosmetics, with much lower numbers used as preservatives and processing aids) tells the story that this market place is a huge one. So what are the side effects if any? Research has showed that some flavourings may have an effect on some children, but the case is far from proven. However, we at the House of Flavours always ensure that we keep abreast of the latest research and news, which in turn relieves our customers of this responsibility.

Bread Improver and flavour enhancer Manufacturing Bread improvers optimise all aspects of the bread-making process, giving bakers the flexibility they need during all stages of the baking process: mixing, fermentation, baking and shelf life. House of Flavours range of Bread improvers and flavour enhancers (flour treatment agents) also help bakers to move the volume, crumb & crust and freshness of their bread to the next level of perfection

Flavour Art is a family run business based in Sydney, NSW, Australia.

They provide Flavours:

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