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October 22, 2021

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Eco-Friendly Paint and Wallpaper

You have two options when painting indoors or outdoors. There are many chemical-based paints that can be toxic, and there are also natural-based paints that are safer for the environment. This article will provide information about both natural and chemical-based paints. It also includes information on wallpaper. Maler in Stuttgart Chemical-Based Paints Petrochemical paints, which are most common in the market, contain VOC (volatile Organic Compounds). These paints include PVC (polyvinylchloride) and PCB [polychlorinated biphenyls], which are both highly toxic. Synthetic varnishes trap chemicals in wood and release them when the surface is worn. Natural-Based Paints Natural paints are more transparent than conventional paint in that all ingredients are disclosed by the manufacturer. The manufacturers use renewable raw materials whenever possible. They use natural oils instead of petrochemical chemicals. Many products from the petrochemical paints sector cannot be disposed off as toxic waste at the end of their useful life. Biodegradable natural paints and finishes have been designed. Natural paints are healthier. Natural paints provide a healthier environment and a more breathable surface. Petrochemical paints make a plastic film, whereas natural paints have micropores that allow water to pass through. This means there’s less chance of flaking or blistering. Oil […] read more
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How To Design Your Kitchen Guide

Guide on How to Design Your Kitchen The kitchen is a vibrant part of every home; it’s a vibrant hub that is always buzzing with activity that goes beyond just the preparation of food. Over the years, the kitchen has become the focal point of most homes thereby raising the need to come up with good kitchen designs. In this article, we take a look at how to design your kitchen to make it comfortable for entertaining both guests and family. Designing your kitchen starts by identifying the room in the house to use as a kitchen. It is advised that when making this decision, you should strive to orient the kitchen to face either the southeast or east where the morning sunlight will fill the room. Once your kitchen is oriented, below are basic guidelines on how to design your kitchen. Traffic The kitchen should not be perceived as an island; it needs contact with the outside world that is accomplished by car. You can have the adjoining room used a garage attached to the kitchen or have the back door lead to the driveway, so you do not go through much hassle bringing in your groceries or taking […] read more
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