If you are a fan of handmade jewelry, you are aware of the difference between mass-produced and manufactured costume jewelry , as well as handmade jewelry designed by skilled craftsmen. Another distinction is made between the handcrafted, fabricated jewelry and hand-crafted jewellery made of beaded beads. Handcrafted, hand-crafted jewelry is produced by goldsmiths and silversmiths who have usually had formal training and received an award from an art college or apprenticed with masters. However the artisans who make handmade jewelry made of beaded beads may be untrained or have no formal education. Instead of making the silver or gold used for their jewellery, the craftsmen purchase the materials. Apart from buying metals, beaded jewelry artisans also require gemstones crystals, crystals, glass, or other components. It is the grade of these items along with the expertise, skills and imagination of the craftsman will ultimately determine the look and long-lasting quality of their jewellery. What’s most important for you, the buyer is to understand the quality of the product you’re purchasing. This article will assist you make educated choices regarding purchasing beaded jewelry that is hand-crafted. METAL MATTERS When purchasing jewelry, there are many choices of metal. Most of the time, silver and/or gold is employed by artisans working on fabricated jewelry. However, […] read more