You may notice a lot of similarities in fashion styles at major metropolitan schools. Emo has been the biggest fashion trend since the beginning of the new decade. It can be used to refer to emo and punk as well as scene fashion styles. Emo is also known for its musical counterpart, the emo style indie rock, screamo, and techno-rock that are preferred by most of the genre. Pre-teens through college are embracing heavy makeup, hot pants and swoop back bangs. Emo and similar styles include sexuality as the age of people increases. Emo is controversial because of its strong dependence on suicide, depression and self-mutilation. Scene is often considered an offshoot emo. The emo stereotypes have been deliberately avoided in order to focus on innocence and fun definitions of youth. A rainbow of bright, loud colors has replaced black hair dye and a completely black wardrobe. Clothes are deliberately clashed and accessories emphasize youth such as candy bracelets or lighted pacifiers. At the heart of scene and emo is attention. Youth are more likely to wear the style that appeals to them, as they have the desire to be unique and receive attention. Social media has made it easy to share personal information on MySpace, Bebo, and […] read more